Dreaming Permits.

and the end comes too soon.

the world isn’t always as wonderful as i hope

on friday morning i woke to a message from mum with a simple but strange question;

         Is Vony okay?

Half asleep half awake i navigated to a news website and saw that there had been a plane crash in the Ukraine. She would be fine i thought, she’s in Finland. It should have struck me then that something was very wrong and it wasn’t just a plane crash. I came out of my sleep to see Aaron sitting up in bed reading the news, the words came out of his mouth but there was no sound. Just an understanding that the world had changed while we were sleeping. 

It was like 9/11 all over again. It was on every news site, television broadcast, paper and social media platform. The world was captivated by this senseless loss, by these people they had never met but cried for anyway. Then the reports became clearer, people had been sucked from the plane at 33,000 feet, they had died terrified with the earth rushing up towards them. It’s enough to make you forget how to use your hands, instead clenching them to force down the emotions fearing you might burst.

The blame being tossed like a hot potato, at least with your classic terrorist they claim the horror instead of let the world sit on edge and wonder why. After the last few days i’ve come to understand that is the true meaning of terrorism. That seed of fear that stirs every time you step on to a plane wondering if you’ll step off it. It’s the fear that it might happen to you and the people you just said goodbye to, might be the last loved ones you see. But most of all it’s not knowing why things like this happen. Not being able to make that logical bridge in your mind, leaving you without an answer to the horror that unfolds senselessly. 

The world can change a lot while we’re dreaming.

Anonymous asked: WHY DO GIRLS HAVE THE AMAZINGLY HORRIBLE HABIT OF LEAVING BOBBY PINS. ABSOLUTELY. EVERYWHERE. I've spent a month cleaning up from the whirlwind that was Her. But she leaves bobby pins scattered like stars in a galaxy. And each one feels like broken glass between my fingers. I don't want to be hurt anymore but She makes it so damn easy.


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Quote of the week - 24/03/2014

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